Malatesta: Life and Ideas, Vernon Richards (ed.), Freedom Press

PDF of Malatesta: Life and Ideas, Vernon Richards (ed.), Freedom Press


  • Editor’s Foreword

Part One


1. Anarchist Schools of Thought

2. Anarchist-Communism

3. Anarchism and Science

4. Anarchism and Freedom

5. Anarchism and Violence

6. Attentats


7. Ends and Means

8. Majorities and Minorities

9. Mutual Aid

10. Reformism

11. Organisation


12. Production and Distribution

13. The Land

14. Money and Banks

15. Property

16. Crime and Punishment


17. Anarchists and the Working Class Movements

18. The Occupation of the Factories

19. Workers and Intellectuals

20. Anarchism, Socialism and Communism

21. Anarchists and the Limits of Political Co-Existence


22. The Anarchist Revolution

23. The Insurrection

24. Expropriation

25. Defence of the Revolution


26. Anarchist Propaganda

27. An Anarchist Programme

Part Two

  • Notes for a Biography (V.R.)
  • Source Notes


I. Anarchists have forgotten their Principles (E.M. 1914)

II. Pro-Government Anarchists (E.M. 1916)

III. Fact and Fiction on the Shooting Incident in West Hoboken in 1899 (V.R.)

IV. Peter Kropotkin: Recollections and Criticisms of an Old Friend (E.M. 1931)

Part Three

  • Malatesta’s Relevance for Anarchists Today: An Assessment (V.R.)

Source: Vernon Richards (ed.), Malatesta: Life and Ideas, Freedom Press 1966.